Seasons in the Valley

By: furrygnome

Jan 01 2010

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It’s Jan. 1st, New Year’s Day, and I start my blog here in the valley. Two or three inches of new light fluffy snow, and still snowing, tiny white flakes covering the landscape, building on top of the foot or more already on the ground. We were woken briefly at about 5.30 with the grinding faint roar of the snowplow going by on the county road.

Roxie, the dog, has discovered snow, and loves to just romp through it, buried up to her body, shoving her face right down into the snow at the scent of something or other. She’s never had the chance before.

It’s busy in the valley at this time of year, all the ski chalets occupied, lights twinkling in the evening with skiers here for the holidays. They’ve had good weather to be on the slopes. And it would be great snowshoeing, but we’ve been busy working on the cabin and a quilt respectively.